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Concrete & Seismic

Castlemont High School

Concrete flat work 2023

Lowell Park  2022

Cooper Construction and Engineering excels in a wide range of services for this project, including:

  1. Demolition: We efficiently and safely handle demolition work, clearing the site as needed.

  2. Surveying of the Site: Our surveying experts conduct precise site surveys to gather essential data and information for accurate project planning and execution.

  3. Staking: We utilize survey data to stake out the project area, ensuring that all construction elements align correctly and meet design specifications.

  4. Grading: Our expertise in grading ensures that the site is properly leveled and prepared for construction.

  5. Flatwork: We specialize in flatwork, delivering high-quality concrete surfaces for various applications.

  6. Concrete Slab: Our team is skilled in formwork and concrete pouring, creating durable and well-finished concrete slabs.

  7. ADA-Compliant Walkway: We construct ADA-compliant walkways with a grade not exceeding 2%, ensuring accessibility for all.

  8. Underground Utilities: Our services include the installation and management of underground utilities, ensuring efficient and reliable systems.

  9. Site Preparation: We prepare the site thoroughly, addressing all necessary groundwork for a successful project.

  10. Landscaping: Our landscaping expertise extends to laying large areas with sod or grass, enhancing the site's aesthetics and functionality.        

Cooper Construction and Engineering offers a comprehensive  range of services, ensuring that your project starts on a solid foundation and is executed with precision and expertise.

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