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CCE offers its expertise to support the city of Oakland in implementing an energy retrofit project for its main library. This initiative involves several key components:


Efficient Lighting Installation: We propose the installation of new, energy-efficient light fixtures throughout the library to reduce energy consumption and enhance lighting quality.

Heat Pump-Based Air Conditioning: To improve cooling efficiency in specific areas, we recommend the addition of heat pump-based air conditioning systems.

Modernizing Heating System Controls: The library currently utilizes a steam boiler-based heating system with six zones. We propose upgrading the control systems for these boilers, specifically focusing on each fan coil unit to optimize heating efficiency.

Ceiling Fan Integration: To enhance air circulation within the library, we suggest the addition of ceiling fans in selected spaces.

Building Management System (BMS): The entire lighting, heating, cooling, and fan systems will be seamlessly controlled by a state-of-the-art Building Management System. This BMS will respond to occupancy sensors and adhere to the library's schedule. Additionally, it will consider external temperature conditions to manage the economizer effectively, facilitating the intake of cooler nighttime air to pre-cool the building for the following day.

This comprehensive retrofit project aims to significantly reduce energy consumption, improve comfort, and optimize the library's environmental impact.


Cooper Construction and Engineering is well-equipped to collaborate with the Port of Oakland on the comprehensive construction project for Phase 1 of the Electric Bus Charging Station Infrastructure. Our scope of services covers:

  1. Full-Scale Construction: We provide all essential elements, including labor, materials, appliances, tools, equipment, transportation, services, and supervisory expertise required for successful project completion.

  2. Site Preparation: Our team efficiently manages site demolition activities to prepare the area for the upcoming construction.

  3. Electric Bus-Parking Depot: We specialize in constructing a 40-electric bus-parking depot, ensuring that it meets the required specifications and standards.

  4. Electrical and Civil Site Enhancements: Cooper Construction and Engineering is proficient in executing electrical and civil site improvements to guarantee seamless functionality and efficiency.

  5. Comprehensive Work: We undertake all associated work related to the project, adhering closely to the Contract Documents and ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations.

Our dedication is to deliver a successful Phase 1 of the Electric Bus Charging Station Infrastructure, contributing to the Port of Oakland's commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

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